Complete Series

Complete Series

Includes all six books, each with a word count of approximately 4,500 words, divided into 7 chapters. The complete Dragonterra quest.


  • For children aged 5 - 10 years old
  • Printed in a larger font for young readers
  • Features beautiful hand-drawn illustrations throughout
  • Book size: 12.5cm x 19.5cm approx


Join eight-year-old boys, Evan and Conor, on a magical quest in the land of Dragonterra. Wizard Snivvard has stolen and hidden all of the dragon eggs in Dragonterra. The boys must search for them throughout the land, meeting plenty of strange creatures along the way. A furry friend, Lucy the wozlett, guides them on their adventures, and Grandad's old rucksack is full of magical objects to help them outwit the wizard! Can the boys find all of the eggs to break Wizard Snivvard's spell and restore the power of the mighty dragons?